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Clough & Warren Reed Organ 

One of my favourite instruments in my studio is my Clough & Warren 12-stop reed organ. Built in 1899 in Chicago, USA, this organ found its way to the UK well over 50 years ago.

Originally used in a theatre in Chelmsford and then well cared for by it's last owner (Grant) for over 40yrs prior to me finding it on Facebook Marketplace just before Christmas 2019.

What a wonderful Christmas present it turned out to be! I've always wanted to own and play a pipe organ but unfortunately not living in a church or concert hall, this remains an unrealistic dream.

However the next best thing was either a Harmonium or Reed Organ, the difference being that the former works on positive pressure and the latter, negative pressure to produce sound through the reeds.

This instrument is a 60key reed organ and sounds amazing! There's a short sample video below which was the first 'dirty' recording I made of me playing it shortly before the end of 2019.

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